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What Luxuries Await the Next Golfing Superstar?

As the private Leer jet touches down on the tarmac and rolls to its eventual appointed stop, the door opens releasing the stairway and its prized cargo. Stepping down is the wunderkind golfing superstar, being trailed closely by his manager, personal trainer, mind coach, dietician and girlfriend. He is dressed in Nike clobber, especially designed for him, from head to toe; all part of his billion dollar sponsorship deal. Our golfing superstar’s gait is slightly inhibited, as he is still recovering from his snowboard injury recently suffered in Aspen; whilst staying in his private lodge on a well earned holiday from the rigours of golf.

Young Mister Golf, has managed to maintain his number one spot on the world golf rankings despite the injury lay-off. The pressure, however, is coming with the emergence of a new, even younger, golfing superstar breaking through for his first win, despite the fact that he is till attending primary school in the Virgin Islands. The resultant media focus on this new potential rivalry caused YMG to have a very public spat with his girlfriend, the recently retired Russian tennis star, Ayanka Nervousa. This fight and breakup occurred at Bea restaurant in New York, over cocktails, and YMG was forced to buy the most expensive Tiffany’s diamond bracelet so far sold in 2015. Their relationship has graced the covers of most of the world’s celebrity magazines, and has recently been described as in a ‘fragile state’. Encounters with escorts, has been whispered in the press, as at the bottom of their disagreement; which is all very Tiger like.

YMG has just released his own fragrance, called “Splash Shot”, under the auspices of Nike and Christian Dior. “Experience the shower of confidence every Splash Shot triggers when you move your balls,” is the tagline, which accompanies promotions of this exciting new men’s fragrance. YMG has extended his sponsorship deal with Mercedes Benz to include an Ambassadorship of the new F 015 luxury model. He now also has homes in Malibu, New York, London, Los Angeles and a hunting lodge in Oregon. Rumours about his gambling problems continue to hound him, however.

The question is, what luxuries await the next golfing superstar? Perhaps, a trip to the moon with Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Space. It could very well be the purchase of several Greek islands, which would help their struggling economy. Most likely it will be a two billion dollar ten year deal with Nike, as part of their ongoing commitment to golf. Of course, you cannot forget the millions of dollars raised for charity by global golf and golfing superstars like YMG and BWG (Boy Wonder Golfer).

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