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The Anti-Ageing Properties of Golf

As you stride down the fairway, of what I call my Green Cathedral, you feel a certain youthfulness at the beginning of your round. Optimism abounds, inside of you, and outside, the sun is shining on green grass. The very colour green, is to my mind, a healing colour, there is a reason why things that are good for you, like broccoli, are green. Green is the fourth colour in the electromagnetic spectrum of light, and, of course, you want to score a four on the opening par four, first hole. The very word ‘green’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘grene’, which is from the same Germanic root as words like ‘grass’ and ‘grow’.

Green is also about chlorophyll, about plants photosynthesising sunlight into chemical energy, you cannot get anything more anti-ageing than that. Green is about giving life and about new life. Golf is played on the green, literally at times, and green things are all around you whilst playing golf; unless you are playing at Chambers Bay of course. I love golf because of the colour green, I admit it; green has always been my favourite colour. Even at school I was in the Green faction at every sport’s carnival and meet.

The anti-ageing properties of golf are fundamentally in golf’s greenness, with the colour of growth and goodness all around you on the course. Perhaps, as you dream of setting up your SMSF Melbourne franchising business, you will see yourself playing many more rounds of golf, free from money worries. In the United States money is green too! Many golf courses are tree lined with majestic green trees reaching up to the heavens; and despite the fallacy of trees being ninety percent air they are the sentinels inside my green cathedral. Golf is a sacred game, which originated in the Scottish coastal town of St Andrews; a university town named after a saint. God is in it up to his eyeballs when it comes to the game of golf; His name is regularly invoked by players on golf courses around the planet.

Fresh air and exercise, mental and physical concentration, these are the key ingredients for golf’s secret in keeping its adherents young. The friendly banter on the course between competitors, the respect for golfing etiquette, and the rules of the game, are all hallmarks of golf’s greatness. I don’t mind taking a divot because I will repair it from the sand bucket, which accompanies me for all eighteen holes.

I may not be as optimistic by the time I enter the back nine but I am stronger for not succumbing to the vicissitudes I have encountered during my round. In the words of a very famous golfer, Friedrick Nietzsche, “What does not kill you makes you stronger”, or words to that effect.


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