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  • Whether you love boating on the water, golfing on the links, or, you have some other passion, which in retirement, you would like to give vent to; retire in style and just do it. Many retirees decide to sell up the old family home, once the kids have flown the nest. Downsizing to something more suitable for the two of you. Living by the golf course can be an option, as is a home on the marina, or an apartment … read more

  • The game of golf is played with fourteen clubs and one ball at a time. The player selects one club, which will, when correctly swung at the ball, propel that white dimpled ball the appropriate distance in the appropriate direction. Golf is not thought to be particularly dangerous to one’s health – apart from its obsessive psychological manifestation. This can lead to the cessation of long standing relationships, due to neglect of spouse or partner. People do get injured on … read more