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  • Dental emergencies do happen on the golf course from time to time. And if you have ever found yourself in such a situation, losing your dentures, or maybe being hit flush in the mouth by an errant golf ball, then you understand how painful and confusing it can get. Some of the dental emergencies include severe toothache, broken jaw, tooth infection, chipped tooth, broken tooth, and cracked tooth, to mention a few. When experiencing any of these dental emergencies, it … read more

  • Whether you love boating on the water, golfing on the links, or, you have some other passion, which in retirement, you would like to give vent to; retire in style and just do it. Many retirees decide to sell up the old family home, once the kids have flown the nest. Downsizing to something more suitable for the two of you. Living by the golf course can be an option, as is a home on the marina, or an apartment … read more