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Golf is Great for Business

You know some people call the golf course a gold course because they generate so much money from networking whilst playing the game. Doesn’t that sound brilliant, doing something that you love and have fun playing, whilst simultaneously generating profits for your business or your job? Typically real estate agents and other sales people have benefitted from being members of a golf club; usually a wealthy and well regarded golf club.

You see, the thing about a round of competitive golf, and even a social round of golf, they take at least three to four hours. This means that you have a captive audience for your pitch or idea, away from interruptions like phone calls and office managers. Combine this with the essential fact that most regular golfers love their golf, and you have a pretty nice atmosphere to, possibly, plant a seed or, even, close a deal. There is camaraderie out on the golf course, there is gentle competitive ribbing between players and there is a rich shared experience; whatever happens.

The networking opportunities out on the golf course are very real, too, especially if you like to play regularly with different four ball groups. It can be a great way to introduce or grow your business, simply by spreading the message as you go round the course. Of course, you don’t want to be a bore; everyone is out there to play golf. Mention the news or opportunity and move on; don’t harp on about it. You may like to sponsor a competition and/or one of the golf holes on your course. There are plenty of branding opportunities at golf clubs; in programs and on cladding around the course.

Marcus Dervin of SharePoint Development Company is an excellent networker and Marcus often finds that AFL games are a great way to network with business owners who follow the Sydney Swans. Sport brings out the best in most people and whether watching the game together in the stands or out on the course swinging a club, it is a great place to do business. One of the most common refrains on a golf course, especially if the weather is an issue, is that, “this sure beats being in the office”. Fresh air, usually sunshine, the exertion of walking and the exhilaration of pulling off a great shot, all combine to make golf a great experience. And a great place to do business.


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  • Written by Adam Cardler in Networking