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Golf Is Good For Kids

Is golf good for kids? It is, probably, the most difficult game or sport to master. Adults are regularly challenged and defeated by the demands of the game of golf. Golf for kids, and I mean children under twelve years of age, is best played with a light hearted approach; focusing on what the kid wants to get out of it. There are too many rules and protocols in golf for young children to suffer, unless of course they have a natural proclivity toward the game. There are kids who can concentrate for long periods of time and enjoy the challenge of four plus hours of competition with the course.

Most kids, however, do not, and I know myself from personal experience that you can turn your children off sports by getting too tense or just too involved. Early days are best spent mucking around and having some fun. The positives in golf at this most basic level are, firstly, the exercise of walking and swinging a club in the fresh air. Next, there is the interaction between players, whether friends or family; and this may involve some gentle competitive camaraderie. Smaller kids love the motorised golf buggies and this can be an opportunity for them to experience the basics of driving a vehicle; under the supervision of an adult. The buggies are pretty safe and apart from the time my ten year old daughter ran over the foot of my eight year old son things have gone quite well in this regard.

As children become teenagers, they may like to see if they can master golf in a more intensive manner. Hitting the golf ball as far as humanly possible is always a major attraction for young men. Women, actually, swing the club better than most men, simply because they are not hell bent on whacking the ball into tomorrow. It is much more instructive for amateur golfers to watch professional women playing the game for this reason.

Golf demands self-awareness and attention to detail, and these qualities can serve children and adults well in all aspects of their lives. Conditions like central auditory processing disorder can benefit from the meditative self-aware qualities inherent in a good golf swing. Golf also requires great integrity and sportsmanship, which again can serve all human beings well in their lives. To play golf well you must be centred and grounded in your physical body; not locked intellectually inside your head. Breathing and feeling your body is a healthy way to live life.

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  • Written by Adam Cardler in Health