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I recently returned from The United Kingdom perusing my twin passions, Golf and fitness. As a personal trainer I need to keep my qualifications up to date. The United Kingdom is recognised as a leader in sports science and regularly hosts conferences on the latest trends in personal training. Also the game of golf was invented in the United Kingdom. So what better place for a personal trainer golf nut.

There are many new things happening in the world of personal training, however for me the biggest news is about sugar. The latest research into sugar, weight and physical fitness shows just how detrimental high levels of sugar in the diet can be. Although there is a lot of media focus on the level of fat in processed food, especially take away food, it appears that sugar is much more detrimental. It is not so much that sugar is especially bad for us, although it does only provide energy and no micro nutrients, it is that sugar has infiltrated so many foods in our modern diets. Foods like pasta, baked beans, tomato sauce, many curry sauces and even bread can have more added sugar than a can of soft drink. Of course there are many of the mentioned foods that have low levels of sugar and you really do need to read the packaging labels. However there are now many scientists who believe the obesity epidemic is due to the high levels of sugar in the average diet.

Now the fun stuff; Celtic Manor Resort is rated as the number one golf course available to the public in the United Kingdom and I would have to agree. Celtic Manor is a three hundred year old building that has been fully resorted, the course is well laid out and the greens and fairways are magnificent. However no golf trip to the United Kingdom would be complete without a visit to the old course at St. Andrews. Playing on the home of golf was a spiritual experience, was it expense, yes but who cares. The layout of the course is not like any course I have every played on. Now I have only mentioned two courses but I played about a dozen courses on my trip. All magnificent.

So that’s it a personal trainer on a golf holiday in the United Kingdom.   

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Professional Golfers: Stress Relief Options

These past years, Tiger Woods made headlines not because of his dexterities in golf, but because of his predilections for escorts and cocktail waitresses. Most of his “affairs” happened while on tour and away from his now ex-wife. Since golf tournaments are physically and mentally stressful, do these competitions drive professional golfers to seek stress relief in the arms of escorts and prostitutes?

Tiger Woods and His Sex Life

You don’t have to click here and there to know the latest controversies surrounding Tiger Woods and his secret rendezvous with paid women. According to the National Enquirer, the golf superstar had sex with at least 121 women as of their writing. Some of his dalliances allegedly include porn stars, strippers and professional sex workers.

The Washington Post reported that a Hollywood madam claimed that Woods hired high-priced call girls multiple times. In fact, he did not blink an eye when he shelled out $15,000 for a night with a prostitute from Manhattan. There are also instances where Woods paid two girls for a threesome. In a Vanity Fair issue where Woods was the cover, he was said to “made monthly payments of between $5,000 and $10,000 to keep his harem quiet.”

Golfers’ Penchant for Sex Workers

In some states in the U.S., paying escorts for their time is considered as legal. That being said, remunerating them for sex is against the law. Some professional golfers are allured with awesome, no strings attached sex. They want to enjoy threesomes or mild S&M with fully breasted girls. With sex workers, they can explore their fetishes discreetly and without being judged. Moreover, a tryst with professional call girls serves as their outlet for allaying the stress brought by very competitive golf tournaments.

Liaisons with escorts is, indeed, a worthwhile experience since “they know what they’re doing.” However, there’s no turning back in it. Once you get caught, there may or may not be repercussions of great magnitude. In the case of Tiger Woods, his extramarital affairs led to divorce, drop in endorsements, and poor performance in the sport. As a matter of fact, AT&T, Accenture, Gatorade and Tag Heuer have withdrawn their support for the golf superstar. His world ranking also dropped due to his “leg injuries”, which may or may not be associated with his recent predicaments.

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