How to Retire in Style Doing What You Love

Whether you love boating on the water, golfing on the links, or, you have some other passion, which in retirement, you would like to give vent to; retire in style and just do it. Many retirees decide to sell up the old family home, once the kids have flown the nest. Downsizing to something more suitable for the two of you. Living by the golf course can be an option, as is a home on the marina, or an apartment beachside. The life without the daily chore of working, can be a pleasure filled existence for those who plan for it ahead of time.

Stylish Retirements: Clubs and Leisurely Lunches on the Terrace

One of the most powerful aspects of loving the game of golf, is, just, how engrossing the experience is over several hours during your round. Many retirees bemoan the lack of purpose in their new-found liberty. Golf has scores, handicap rankings, the challenge of mastering the golf swing, and putting – the game within a game. The golf clubs, themselves, are intensely social forums for shared drinks, meals, opportunities for volunteering, and for the very brave, committee work. Membership of a golf club and regular competition play will constructively fill many hours of your week. Enjoy stylish retirements: Clubs and leisurely lunches on the terrace.

Play Golf & Avoid Retirement Pitfalls

Don’t place money down online, in the lure of gambling on the gee gees, if you are really looking for a profitable hobby to entertain you in your retirement. Keep your estate in check, away from high risk investment strategies late in your life. Play golf; and avoid all these common retirement pitfalls. What do they say? There is no fool like an old fool, and not just in matters of ill fated love. Some retirees risk their hard-earned life savings on silly investment schemes, because they miss the engagement and excitement of their previous working life.

Make a Fool of Yourself on the Golf Course

You can make a fool of yourself on the golf course and it will only cost you a few shots extra on your handicap and some dented pride. The golf course is a microcosm for much of the rest of our life: how we behave under pressure; how we treat our friends; and our respect or lack of it for the rules of life. You can mess up on the golf course, without suffering irreparable financial damage or such like.

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  • Written by Adam Cardler