Personal Injury on the Golf Course

The game of golf is played with fourteen clubs and one ball at a time. The player selects one club, which will, when correctly swung at the ball, propel that white dimpled ball the appropriate distance in the appropriate direction. Golf is not thought to be particularly dangerous to one’s health – apart from its obsessive psychological manifestation. This can lead to the cessation of long standing relationships, due to neglect of spouse or partner. People do get injured on the golf course, due to accidents and being struck by flying golf balls.

Personal Injury on the Golf Course

One would have to consider oneself pretty unlucky to cop a serious personal injury whilst out on the course. When other players tell you to keep your head down, they are, generally, referring to a swing tip, rather than giving you a warning of an impending incoming golf ball. The accepted term of warning is to loudly shout ‘fore’ in the direction of the player who inhabits the likely landing area of your powerfully struck ball. Indeed, in early golf history, competing players had two caddies – one to carry his golf bag and clubs and another called a fore caddie.

The fore caddie was responsible for following the path of the player’s golf shot and locating his ball down the fairway. Caddies have become obsolete from the game of golf, excepting at the highest level – the professional tours. Quite likely, the presence of so many caddies was prohibitively expensive and one of the reasons why golf was originally an exclusive pastime of the very wealthy. The game still bears remnants of this exclusive past and is why it remains deeply unpopular with some sections of the population.

If one is injured seriously on the golf course, one should seek the services of personal injury lawyers – who can see if some compensatory payment is justified. If the golf course management is liable for civil prosecution on the basis of providing an unsafe environment for players to play the game on their course.  Personally, I have been hit in the back with a Pensioner’s full blooded drive, whilst standing on the edge of his fairway – thinking that I was safe behind a tree. I have also, been attacked by magpies protecting their nesting young in spring; and this drew blood from my scalp and was like being king hit unexpectedly from behind. Ah golf don’t you just love it!

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  • Written by Adam Cardler