Gambling on Golf

Many club golfers have a regular small wager between members of their four ball group. In most cases it is a dollar, or a few dollars, spread over the eighteen holes. One player will collect the four marked balls of the group and toss them over his head. The two balls landing closest together will form a two ball partnership against the other two. Teams will play a dollar for the first nine holes , a dollar for the back nine holes, and a further dollar for the aggregate eighteen holes. It will be adjudged on the four ball best ball principle, with handicaps on the Stableford score determining who wins the hole with the fewest strokes.

The popularity of this little wager is not about winning money but, rather, it spikes the competitive juices; especially as most club competitions are run as individual awards. The added team competition keeps players interested, even if they are out of the running to win the individual awards in their respective grades. Sinking a putt when the hole is on the line and, perhaps, the whole dollar on one of the nines increases the pressure and the perceived reward. Playing golf is all about mastering the skills under the gun, when your competitors are hoping that you will miss or fluff the shot.

Gambling on professional golf as a sport, when punters pick a player to win a tournament, is another matter altogether. Here bookies offer odds on form players and class players, much the same as they do on horse races. Picking a player to win one of the four major golf tournaments is much like picking the winner of the Cox Plate. You are looking for a player in form, due for a win, perhaps, having finished runner up or in the top five recently. Then, you need everything to go right for him, or her, and the golfing gods to be smiling down on you and your player. Today there are free bets and bonuses from bookmakers on golfing tournaments.

In the old days, back in the nineteen fifties and sixties, before golf prize money became substantial, professional players would wager big money on themselves to earn a decent living. There are infamous tales about players like Lee Trevino and Sam Snead taking on golfing hustlers for thousands of dollars. Nerves of steel are required when you are staking your own money on sinking a putt or getting up and down to win ten grand.




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Golf Is Good For Kids

Is golf good for kids? It is, probably, the most difficult game or sport to master. Adults are regularly challenged and defeated by the demands of the game of golf. Golf for kids, and I mean children under twelve years of age, is best played with a light hearted approach; focusing on what the kid wants to get out of it. There are too many rules and protocols in golf for young children to suffer, unless of course they have a natural proclivity toward the game. There are kids who can concentrate for long periods of time and enjoy the challenge of four plus hours of competition with the course.

Most kids, however, do not, and I know myself from personal experience that you can turn your children off sports by getting too tense or just too involved. Early days are best spent mucking around and having some fun. The positives in golf at this most basic level are, firstly, the exercise of walking and swinging a club in the fresh air. Next, there is the interaction between players, whether friends or family; and this may involve some gentle competitive camaraderie. Smaller kids love the motorised golf buggies and this can be an opportunity for them to experience the basics of driving a vehicle; under the supervision of an adult. The buggies are pretty safe and apart from the time my ten year old daughter ran over the foot of my eight year old son things have gone quite well in this regard.

As children become teenagers, they may like to see if they can master golf in a more intensive manner. Hitting the golf ball as far as humanly possible is always a major attraction for young men. Women, actually, swing the club better than most men, simply because they are not hell bent on whacking the ball into tomorrow. It is much more instructive for amateur golfers to watch professional women playing the game for this reason.

Golf demands self-awareness and attention to detail, and these qualities can serve children and adults well in all aspects of their lives. Conditions like central auditory processing disorder can benefit from the meditative self-aware qualities inherent in a good golf swing. Golf also requires great integrity and sportsmanship, which again can serve all human beings well in their lives. To play golf well you must be centred and grounded in your physical body; not locked intellectually inside your head. Breathing and feeling your body is a healthy way to live life.

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Eco-Friendly Rubbish Removal on Golf Courses

Golf courses generate three main types of waste: pesticides and herbicides in the form of unused supplies and the packaging these products came in; parts cleaners, waste fuels and paint wastes; and gear and engine oil wastes. These substances must be safely disposed of through appropriate environmentally controlled channels. Many golf courses around the world are now instigating green policies, when it comes to the environmental management of their activities. In response to concerns by their members, golf clubs have been consulting with waste management specialists in a bid to reduce their hazardous wastes.

There are certain things that can be done by the green keeping departments of golf courses to successfully reduce chemical waste. Substituting hazardous cleaning methods with non-hazardous cleaning methods is a first step, it is education and training which can introduce more ecologically enlightened practices into golf course management techniques. People tend to keep doing the same things if they are not exposed to new thinking on these matters; tradition is not always a good thing, which golf finds hard to swallow sometimes. Further, golf club staff can reduce the toxicity of solvents and employ processes to maximise solvent life, and then distil solvents when disposing of them. Minimising the use of oily contaminated wastes is another way to reduce production of them overall. Commercial rubbish removal must be executed by professional waste management operatives; who are trained in eco friendly waste management techniques.

Reducing the reliance on pesticides and herbicides in the maintenance of the golf course is a major step toward more eco friendly golf courses. The answer is not always inside a bag or drum of chemicals. Again, this is an attitudinal thing, much like in the farming industry, where many farmers have turned to more organic methods of farming, turning away from what their fathers and grandfathers used to do on the land. Chemical companies have an investment in selling chemicals and producing dividends for their shareholders; they are not ultimately concerned with the soil health of the nation. Often what appears to be the easy way of dealing with problems on the course creates a dependence on the use of more and more chemicals over time. Natural methods may initially take longer but they produce much better long term results. There are, even, organic golf courses in places around the world, including Australia. Golf has had a bad name in greenie circles, forever, but things are changing fast in the face of membership pressure to do the right thing by the environment.

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The Anti-Ageing Properties of Golf

As you stride down the fairway, of what I call my Green Cathedral, you feel a certain youthfulness at the beginning of your round. Optimism abounds, inside of you, and outside, the sun is shining on green grass. The very colour green, is to my mind, a healing colour, there is a reason why things that are good for you, like broccoli, are green. Green is the fourth colour in the electromagnetic spectrum of light, and, of course, you want to score a four on the opening par four, first hole. The very word ‘green’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘grene’, which is from the same Germanic root as words like ‘grass’ and ‘grow’.

Green is also about chlorophyll, about plants photosynthesising sunlight into chemical energy, you cannot get anything more anti-ageing than that. Green is about giving life and about new life. Golf is played on the green, literally at times, and green things are all around you whilst playing golf; unless you are playing at Chambers Bay of course. I love golf because of the colour green, I admit it; green has always been my favourite colour. Even at school I was in the Green faction at every sport’s carnival and meet.

The anti-ageing properties of golf are fundamentally in golf’s greenness, with the colour of growth and goodness all around you on the course. Perhaps, as you dream of setting up your SMSF Melbourne franchising business, you will see yourself playing many more rounds of golf, free from money worries. In the United States money is green too! Many golf courses are tree lined with majestic green trees reaching up to the heavens; and despite the fallacy of trees being ninety percent air they are the sentinels inside my green cathedral. Golf is a sacred game, which originated in the Scottish coastal town of St Andrews; a university town named after a saint. God is in it up to his eyeballs when it comes to the game of golf; His name is regularly invoked by players on golf courses around the planet.

Fresh air and exercise, mental and physical concentration, these are the key ingredients for golf’s secret in keeping its adherents young. The friendly banter on the course between competitors, the respect for golfing etiquette, and the rules of the game, are all hallmarks of golf’s greatness. I don’t mind taking a divot because I will repair it from the sand bucket, which accompanies me for all eighteen holes.

I may not be as optimistic by the time I enter the back nine but I am stronger for not succumbing to the vicissitudes I have encountered during my round. In the words of a very famous golfer, Friedrick Nietzsche, “What does not kill you makes you stronger”, or words to that effect.


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What Luxuries Await the Next Golfing Superstar?

As the private Leer jet touches down on the tarmac and rolls to its eventual appointed stop, the door opens releasing the stairway and its prized cargo. Stepping down is the wunderkind golfing superstar, being trailed closely by his manager, personal trainer, mind coach, dietician and girlfriend. He is dressed in Nike clobber, especially designed for him, from head to toe; all part of his billion dollar sponsorship deal. Our golfing superstar’s gait is slightly inhibited, as he is still recovering from his snowboard injury recently suffered in Aspen; whilst staying in his private lodge on a well earned holiday from the rigours of golf.

Young Mister Golf, has managed to maintain his number one spot on the world golf rankings despite the injury lay-off. The pressure, however, is coming with the emergence of a new, even younger, golfing superstar breaking through for his first win, despite the fact that he is till attending primary school in the Virgin Islands. The resultant media focus on this new potential rivalry caused YMG to have a very public spat with his girlfriend, the recently retired Russian tennis star, Ayanka Nervousa. This fight and breakup occurred at Bea restaurant in New York, over cocktails, and YMG was forced to buy the most expensive Tiffany’s diamond bracelet so far sold in 2015. Their relationship has graced the covers of most of the world’s celebrity magazines, and has recently been described as in a ‘fragile state’. Encounters with escorts, has been whispered in the press, as at the bottom of their disagreement; which is all very Tiger like.

YMG has just released his own fragrance, called “Splash Shot”, under the auspices of Nike and Christian Dior. “Experience the shower of confidence every Splash Shot triggers when you move your balls,” is the tagline, which accompanies promotions of this exciting new men’s fragrance. YMG has extended his sponsorship deal with Mercedes Benz to include an Ambassadorship of the new F 015 luxury model. He now also has homes in Malibu, New York, London, Los Angeles and a hunting lodge in Oregon. Rumours about his gambling problems continue to hound him, however.

The question is, what luxuries await the next golfing superstar? Perhaps, a trip to the moon with Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Space. It could very well be the purchase of several Greek islands, which would help their struggling economy. Most likely it will be a two billion dollar ten year deal with Nike, as part of their ongoing commitment to golf. Of course, you cannot forget the millions of dollars raised for charity by global golf and golfing superstars like YMG and BWG (Boy Wonder Golfer).

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